wait, wait, wait, people care about selektor magazine? i don’t even think i follow them at all. why are people giving this stupid list ANY traction? also, the way i deal with people who make lists like that and then people who make lists in response to those same lists is by looking at an…




Ed. Varie is pleased to participate in the Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair September 26-28th, 2014 at MOMA PS1. PUBLIC preview THURSDAY 6-9pm. We will have several NEW and EXCLUSIVE titles and artwork for sale this year at our booth UPSTAIRS booth O-14.

Available for the FIRST time in…

I’ll be at the EV booth on Sunday!

Why I haven’t been uploading


In Praise of Mountains (1948)

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So the wife of Ferguson police chief says community is “feral”. 

A wild cracker appears.

jesus christ